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ROI with Trained Cleaning Staff

Trained staff:

  • Fewer job-related injures
  • Far more productive
  • Reduced asset damage
  • Fewer occupant complaints
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Increase HCAP Scores 
  • Reduce turnover (147% 2013 Industry-wide standard)

Clean for Health

In the U.S. alone, Lost productive time (LPT) accounts for $225.8 billion per year*. Cleaning for health (aka. “hygiene intervention”) can reducing absenteeism by as much as 46%

Contact DOCS Facility Solutions and discover how better janitorial services improve your bottom line.

*Journal of Occupational Environmental Media 2003
‡Kimberly Clark Professional

Janitorial Services

  • Apartment Communities
  • Medical Facilities
  • Retail Store Locations
  • Floor Care & Carpet Cleaning
  • Construction Clean-Ups
  • Window Cleaning

Each environment has its own special needs...Just like you. DOCS Facility Solutions has the resources to “right-size” your cleaning staff-needs.

Commercial Janitorial

A clean facility is a productive one. The true impact of a clean workplace starts with impressions formed when someone enters your front office and extends to where a company’s billable production happens. DOC’S believes cleaning for health is THAT important.


DOCS offers targeted training classes, many of which are certified by CMI. In services, classes include Basic Custodial to Supervisory training. Advanced training includes HIPAA and Blood-borne pathogen topics. DOC’S training is suitable for beginning Technicians, Managers and Company owners looking to assure excellent service and profitability.


Consulting services works with those managing in-house cleaning staff as well as other cleaning companies. Through this structured process, DOC’S displays how best to develop a plan addressing the client’s specific key needs on: Price; Image; Productivity; Sustainability; and Health & Safety.

Upstate, New York Cleaning Consulting

"The prescription to your facility's HEADACHES"

Joel Craddock-


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Our Mission

To dramatically improve the quality and the health impact of professional cleaning services, through direct consultation with commercial cleaning companies on best practices and through comprehensive needs assessments and ongoing support for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Our Team

DOC’S team is built to meet the multiple needs of our clients and industry; Certified janitorial cleaners and trainers; Trainers for managing cleaning staff; Customer service, Accounting and Marketing.

Are you interested in owning your own successful janitorial company?

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