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consultingConsulting services are performed for clients with their own internal cleaning staff as well as other Janitorial companies.


For Clients with their own in-house cleaning staff, DOC’S uses a structured process to determine a key needs on the topics of:

  • Price
  • Image
  • Productivity
  • Sustainability
  • Health & Safety.


Through this structured process, a plan is developed addressing these needs.

Three key-outcomes of plan implementation are:

  • Waste-reduction within their facilities
  • Implementation of industry relevant best-practices
  • Increase of quality and right-sizing of staffing levels


In many companies, cleaning staff are viewed by employers and themselves as low-level, low-value individuals. Shamila Craddock has said, “Almost anyone can start business with a string-mop and bucket. What most lack staff lack is knowledge. The real impact of a clean work place starts with impressions formed when someone enters your front office and extends to where a company’s billable production happens. I believe ‘cleaning for health’ is THAT important.”


For other Janitorial companies, DOC’S understands that to grow and develop your business, good-paying work is a must. However, setting goals on billings alone is short sighted. These consulting services begin with determining company goals and measuring skills and capabilities gained to-date.


Through the process of training and certification, janitorial companies can improve both deliverable service as well as their bottom-line. DOC’S also with select private janitorial companies to perform sales and marketing.