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Color Coding Simplifies Infection Prevention

This is an article that Joel Craddock was interviewed for along with other selected industry leaders. “If you’re driving a car, green is the international color for go, so it’s used for open office areas, like desktops and partitions,” he explains. “Yellow indicates caution, so we use it for areas like sinks, kitchenettes and cafeterias.…

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Researchers tracking ‘forgotten’ hospital cleaners through pandemic

I would like to start by saying thank you for sharing this article to Louise Taillon. It is so important and during the Custodial Certification classes I teach I talk about how the men and women in the environmental services/custodial services industries are the first line of defense in this pandemic. If we do our…

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Seek Power in Numbers

There is a never a bad time to start a cleaning business, according to Tim Conn, president and co-founder of Image One Facility Solutions. “Just about anybody with the right motivation and business plan in place can do it,” he says. Conn has been in the cleaning industry and in janitorial operations for more than…

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Certification: What’s the Payoff?

Contract cleaning company Doc’s Facilities Solutions hasn’t had a workplace injury reported by a custodian or client in the five years they’ve been in business, says company founder and President Joel Craddock. Not only is that a spotless record for the Rochester, NY-based company to boast to potential clients, but it’s a big money saver,…

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Time to Upgrade

“Purchasing new equipment is about more than wanting new “toys.” It’s about fostering your business’ growth and development. Given the very labor intensive and hands-on nature of the cleaning industry, it’s easy to overlook how developments in technology can affect your organization. Now, I have nothing against traditional tools. However, it’s important to step back…

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Staying Ahead of Your Cleaning Competition (Part 2)

Master Customer Retention It starts before the sale and continues afterward. Most cleaning businesses reach customers via the salesperson who’s hired to contact them, gather the facts and woo them. Once the contract is signed, the salesperson is set off to hunt again and that new customer is left to forge a new relationship with…

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Staying Ahead of Your Cleaning Competition (Part 1)

If you have been in the cleaning industry for any amount of time, you probably already know that the average cleaning company turns over 100 percent of its accounts every four years. That’s a staggering number! To make matters worse, employee turnover is even higher. Put the two together (while applying liberal amounts of blood,…

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Hard Floor Maintenance for the Winter Months

Prepare your hard floors for the harsh realities of the upcoming months Every season has its own unique characteristics that can contribute to damaging hard floors. In the northern United States, winter is often the most challenging. Rock salt, ice melt, slush, and moisture can wreak havoc on hard floor surfaces of all kinds. Since…

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Tackling High-touch Surfaces

Every customer wants a clean facility. But with the number of viruses, bacteria, as well as superbugs in our environment, including some that are now resistant to the antibiotic Colistin, the goal for facility services providers is cleaning for health and proper disinfection. In talking about this, cleaning professionals do not want to make their…

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Upselling Hard Floor Care

One of the biggest mistakes a building service contractor (BSC) can make is closing a standard services contract without considering other opportunities. In many cases, while servicing that client, you may want to try expanding your contract based on needs you observe. If you’re already in business, you may know that one of the most…

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