DOCS Facilities Solutions. The Prescription for your Facilities Headaches


Consulting services are performed for clients with their own internal cleaning staff as well as other Janitorial companies.

For Clients with their own in-house cleaning staff, DOC’S uses a structured process to determine a key needs on the topics of:

  • Price
  • Image
  • Productivity
  • Sustainability
  • Health & Safety.

Through this structured process, a plan is developed addressing these needs.

Three key-outcomes of plan implementation are:

  • Waste-reduction within their facilities
  • Implementation of industry relevant best-practices
  • Increase of quality and right-sizing of staffing levels

In many companies, cleaning staff are viewed by employers and themselves as low-level, low-value individuals. Joel Craddock has said, “Almost anyone can start business with a string-mop and bucket. What most lack staff lack is knowledge. The real impact of a clean work place starts with impressions formed when someone enters your front office and extends to where a company’s billable production happens. I believe ‘cleaning for health’ is THAT important.”

For other Janitorial companies, DOC’S understands that to grow and develop your business, good-paying work is a must. However, setting goals on billings alone is short sighted. These consulting services begin with determining company goals and measuring skills and capabilities gained to-date.

Through the process of training and certification, janitorial companies can improve both deliverable service as well as their bottom-line. DOC’S also with select private janitorial companies to perform sales and marketing.


Consulting Rates

$325.00 (90 minutes)

250.00 (60 minutes) 

Blocks of time 

$750.00 4 hours, must be used in 2-months

$1750.00 10 hours, must be used in 6 months

Note all payments are due prior to services rendered. Time reserved expires at the end of term.

Commercial Janitorial

A clean facility is a productive one. The true impact of a clean workplace starts with impressions formed when someone enters your front office and extends to where a company’s billable production happens. DOC’S believes cleaning for health is THAT important.

We adhere to and train on OSHA Standards for the Cleaning Industry.


DOCS offers targeted training classes, many of which are certified by ISSA/CMI. In services, classes include Basic Custodial to Supervisory training. Advanced training includes HIPAA and Blood-borne pathogen topics. DOC’S training is suitable for beginning Technicians, Managers and Company owners looking to assure excellent service and profitability.


Consulting services works with those managing in-house cleaning staff as well as other cleaning companies. Through this structured process, DOC’S displays how best to develop a plan addressing the client’s specific key needs on: Price; Image; Productivity; Sustainability; and Health & Safety.