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11 Nov 2015

Dealing with Price Objections – Medical Industry

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When dealing with price objections, particularly in the medical industry, I often ask questions which encourage the prospect to mentally compare price and value.

About the waiting room…

I realize that “visual” cleaning is very important to you and your clients.

  • Do you realize that cleaning for health is even more important?
  • Would you agree that NOT spreading the germs and viruses which patients may carry is important?

About the exam room…

  • How does your current company ensure that germs from one exam or treatment room are not spread to the next?
  • What systems are in place to reduce or eliminate cross contamination?
  • Have all the janitorial employees coming into your site been trained on Bloodborne Pathogens?
  • Do they know how to identify them and protect themselves in the event of exposure?
  • Are there kits available to clean the spills?

Comparing professional tools…

I met with someone recently who mentioned their current janitorial firm only uses household vacuum cleaners in their account. She asked if that was common because she figured that reputable company should have commercial-grade equipment. Of course she was correct. A professional, reputable company should have commercial grade-equipment and products. These products should be used as directed and have the proper kill rates to be considered “hospital grade”.

  • Are you familiar with the term “Hospital-grade”?

Make it personal…

Studies have shown there are more germs per square inch on your phone, desk, and keyboard than on a toilet seat.

  • How is individual work-space cleaned? Is your current Cleaner using the same “cloth or rag” to clean the desks and phones of the medical staff and support staff?

As long as you dig deep by asking the correct questions without trashing the competition, you may find that pricing becomes a less important factor than service. This can also show that your proficiency, allowing you to educate and win-over your medical prospect.

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