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25 Mar 2022

Giving Thanks to Our Friends in the Cleaning Industry 

Appreciate Your Local Janitor Housekeeping Staff

It’s time for spring cleaning! Doc’s Facilities Solutions, Inc. provides professional cleaning all year long, but this time of year we make special efforts to express our appreciation for those in the cleaning industry and all they do to keep us safe and happy.

Common perceptions of people in the cleaning industry are frequently both incorrect and unkind. We hear people in the facilities serviced all the time–that people who clean are undereducated, slovenly, untrustworthy, and lacking in character. Doc’s Facilities Solutions, Inc. begs to differ. The people we employ and the cleaning crews we work with are intelligent, upstanding individuals who take pride in their work and are dedicated to professionalism.

Today, we want to highlight what the facts are and why we should celebrate custodians, environmental services workers, housekeepers, hazard removal experts, and cleaners of all kinds.

The Protecting Power of Clean.

Cleaning staff help protect us against disease from all manner of sources, including but not limited to:

  1. Airborne mold spores
  2. Pest waste
  3. Airborne soil
  4. Pathogens like viruses

Professional cleaners also help prevent existing health conditions from being exacerbated by unclean surroundings, conditions like these:

  1. Asthma
  2. Allergies
  3. Autoimmune diseases

We achieve healthier air and pathogen-free surfaces with proper chemicals, application methods, and dwell time.

Professional janitorial services promote employee productivity by reducing sick days and helping prevent injuries like slips and falls. This also reduces worker’s comp claims, missed work, and suffering. Billions of dollars every year are saved by the efforts of cleaning staff, which fall to the bottom line for the companies serviced by trained professionals.

Cleaning staff help protect against pest infestations from organisms like these:

  1. Bed bugs
  2. Ants
  3. Spiders
  4. Flies
  5. Fruit flies
  6. Mice
  7. Rats

Doc’s Facilities Solutions, Inc. removes the pathogens and parasites these creatures bring in, the crumbs and trash they feed on, eggs and egg sacs, and the bodies of the pests themselves. We might not be pest control specialists, but we do make their jobs much easier with environmental maintenance.

Environmental services pros do much to keep businesses compliant with local and federal regulations. A restaurant serviced by a well-trained cleaning staff should be able to avoid the nuisance of flies because their trash has been removed. This type of routine cleaning helps to eliminate areas where flies are able to lay eggs. Any restaurant could serve the best food and employ fine people, but it won’t matter if there are unclean surroundings when the health inspector comes through. Also, one customer who sees a roach in the bathroom and leaves a negative review can cause lost sales and a blow to the restaurant’s reputation.

Believe it or not, Cleaning staff keeps  our structures stronger. Clean building materials last longer without mold, sticky soil, and moisture in them. Just as with pest control, janitorial professionals work well with other industries like HVAC and plumbing. Toilets and sinks that have been well cleaned don’t rust, stain, or clog as much. A building that is regularly vacuumed improves HVAC quality.

Cleaning pros make our surroundings more comfortable and attractive with sweeter air, springy carpet, dust-free fabrics, and shiny surfaces. The best kind of smell, from lobbies to bathrooms, is no smell at all. As when fragrances are used, it begs to be asked, what is the custodial staff trying to cover up.

Advance With Us 

The cleaning industry offers many career opportunities in which individuals can find fulfillment, earn quality income, and serve their community. Every day, advances are made in the treatments we use, the methods we use, and the equipment we use. Doc’s Facilities Solutions, Inc. stays on top of every update and pushes the envelope every day. To ask us questions or schedule a walk-through, contact us on our website or call 585-413-0574. We’re always happy to hear from our community.

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