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Staying Ahead of Your Cleaning Competition (Part 2)

10 Apr 2017

Staying Ahead of Your Cleaning Competition (Part 2)

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Master Customer Retention

It starts before the sale and continues afterward.

Most cleaning businesses reach customers via the salesperson who’s hired to contact them, gather the facts and woo them. Once the contract is signed, the salesperson is set off to hunt again and that new customer is left to forge a new relationship with the cleaning staff. Change that now!

Your company has already invested time and money in that salesperson’s relationship with your customer. I suggest incentivizing them with residual income on accounts. Use a system to stay ahead and stay in touch.

Let Them See You

Performing monthly or quarterly site inspections speaks volumes. Not only are you gathering information on how your cleaning service is performing, but you have the opportunity to interact with your customer.

Scheduling these inspections and taking time to interact with your customer face-to-face are powerful steps. Using a review system like CleanTelligent will help you analyze and use that information.

Put Yourself in the Client’s Place

We often hear this as a metaphor, meaning, “Try to think as your client does.” While that is valid, it can also be exhausting. What I mean is to literally put yourself there!


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