DOCS Facilities Solutions. The Prescription for your Facilities Headaches


Proper training and certifications among front line cleaners and janitorial staff are the most commonly overlooked opportunities for most organizations. Our primary focus is “Cleaning for Health”. Frequently, cleaning staff are dismissed as “just cleaners”. We respectfully hold up some of the most obvious stats for our clients. This is done not to over-emphasize the importance of your cleaning personnel, but to clarify what they do in your work and production spaces

  • Remove dirt & debris from high contact surfaces in the entry ways
  • Clean and maintain floors to ensure safe use of doorways & halls
  • Ensure restrooms are available for safe use in areas open to both small teams and thousands of public uses each week
  • Remove food debris from break rooms, clean surfaces where client-staff eat and meet
  • Ensure board rooms are safe and effective to impress senior staff and THEIR clients for meetings and presentations

We agree that almost anyone physically able can perform cleaning. We also believe that initial and continued cleaning services cannot be performed safely without proper training.