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26 May 2016

Upselling Hard Floor Care

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One of the biggest mistakes a building service contractor (BSC) can make is closing a standard services contract without considering other opportunities. In many cases, while servicing that client, you may want to try expanding your contract based on needs you observe. If you’re already in business, you may know that one of the most reliable ways to grow that business is by further serving your current customers.

Very often, hard floor care is an area of great need. In facilities both large and small, it’s best to keep in mind that no surface receives more use and requires more maintenance than the floor.

Customers will sometimes choose to avoid aggressive floor care services due to cost. Many make this decision under the assumption that they’re saving money by delaying recommended monthly or quarterly services. If you are a contractor, part of your job is educating the client on how regularly scheduled maintenance is actually a safeguard to the bottom line.

As professionals, our overall goal is to help reduce operating costs. Here are some tips on how to help our customers take proactive steps to achieving this through proper floor care.


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