Doc's Facilities Solutions Team

Shamila (Boykins) Craddock

CEO of Doc's Facilities Solutions

As Chief Administrator and Customer Service Representative, Shamila brings a great sense of organization and direction to daily operations. Doc’s Facilities Solutions was founded in 2012 as a consulting company to help the small to mid-sized commercial cleaning companies compete. Assisting in many areas including but not limited to janitorial operations, bidding and estimating, job loading, implementation of best practices, implementation of technology advances, writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), OSHA Compliance Training, implementation and training of sales procedures, and mentor for start-up companies.

Joel Craddock

President of Doc’s Facilities Solutions

Since 1985 Joel has served the environmental industry in both on the operations and commercial janitorial sectors.

Joel has experience in the following areas, the private sector, both union and non-union shops, in-house operations, contracted facilities maintenance contract providers. Services provided over the years have included commercial janitorial service providers, commercial and residential carpet cleaning, commercial hard floor care (to include strip and wax, commercial floor maintenance contracts), hardwood floor wood (installation, repair, and sand refinish), construction clean-ups, exhaust hood cleaning and inspection (certificate #92558869), consumable supplies, and cleaning equipment.

Joel is an active member of BNI (Business Network International) since September 2006, CMI (Cleaning Management Institute), and the Greece Chamber of Commerce since June 2014.

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