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For commercial cleaning services and janitorial services in Rochester, NY, DOCS leads the pack. We focus on Cleaning for Health. By making THAT our focus, we perform commercial cleaning services on small office, large offices, doctor’s offices, medical facilities, educational facilities, and production businesses. Educational facilities from daycare and primary schools to middle schools, high schools, colleges & universities are included in our commercial cleaning & janitorial services.

Most commercial cleaning services and janitorial services in Rochester New York spend their resources on cleaning for appearance. By comparison, DOCS Facilities Solutions finds that cleaning for health is a superior, long-term strategy. The NIH has stated, one of the more frequent challenges of work environments is known as Sick Building Syndrome. Simply put, when we’re around sick people at work, we tend to get more sick, more often. By enacting auditing systems for commercial cleaning and janitorial services, DOCS combats this issue. We find that workspaces and surfaces can be cleaned better when a pre-defined system of measurement is used.

We even have structured services to train in-house teams to perform their cleaning and janitorial services! That includes other commerial cleaning companies! When janitorial staff are trained to clean by professional cleaners, who are also verified trainers, everyone wins. For our clients and their clients; absenteeism drops, more productive work-time improves and your staff will feel better. All of that happens when our trained and professional cleaning and janitorial service staff take care of you! If your organization is looking for a janitorial service in Rochester, New York that both cleans and trains other cleaning companies, contact DOCS today!

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Online Courses
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Commercial Janitorial

Commercial Janitorial services touch all points in your work space. A clean facility is a productive one. The true impact of a clean workplace starts with impressions formed when someone enters your front office and extends to where a company’s billable production happens. DOC’S believes cleaning for health is THAT important.

We adhere to and train on OSHA Standards for the Cleaning Industry.


DOCS offers targeted training classes for commercial janitorial services. Classes include Basic Custodial to Supervisory training. Advanced training includes HIPAA and Blood-borne pathogen topics. DOC’S training is suitable for beginning Technicians, Managers and Company owners looking to assure excellent service and profitability.


Consulting for commercial janitorial services works with those managing in-house cleaning staff as well as other cleaning companies. Through this structured process, DOC’S displays how best to develop a plan addressing the client’s specific key needs on: Price; Image; Productivity; Sustainability; and Health & Safety.

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ThinkLiteAir products enhance the health and safety of indoor spaces through continuous monitoring and purification

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Hard at Work

The DOC’S Facilities Team is hard at work in western New York State. Our trainer is also routinely booked for educating in-house team across the United States. See images here.

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