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9 Aug 2016

Craddock: 13 things to jump start a startup

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In today’s economy many newly created jobs are entry level positions, wonderful except that it has led to many seasoned professionals being laid off at an alarming rate. They’re often left without the monetary funds and basic benefits needed to support their families.
I went through this two years ago after leaving a career with one company. I was lured away by another firm that offered me the world, but after seven months my position was eliminated.


I was left trying to find a job while the economy was trying to recover. I found myself overqualified for many positions, armed with a college education, two business degrees and more than 25 years in the facility management field. I was known by many of my former competitors, who all were very interested in hiring me, but none of them could offer something full-time, or could come close to the pay and benefits that I needed.


I was lucky to have Shamila Boykins in my life. She became Mrs. Craddock in October, but before that helped keep me find a new course by motivating me. She told me that I needed to believe in myself, surround myself with new people and start my own company


She noticed that I only surrounded myself with high performance sales executives and business owners in various fields. She saw the entrepreneurial spirit in me. She would become my business partner.


What we have accomplished since Jan., 2013 has been nothing short of a miracle. We have developed a niche market with a mission of dramatically improving the quality and health impact of professional cleaning services with commercial cleaning companies.


What we have found out during all of this is that many startup companies like ourselves do not realize what it takes to actually assemble a successful company.

It’s about picking the correct business entity, a proper bank (number of free transactions), payroll provider, business insurance, business name with an easy to identify logo, business plan, marketing plan, IT support (proper equipment and software), sales process, health care benefits, 401K planning, even the back office things like bookkeeping and finding a proper tax professional.


We’ve made many mistakes but that’s OK. If you’re starting a business you’ll want a mentor or coach who can help, but someone who has made their own mistakes setting up a business or had to overcome adversity. Why? They’ll know the warning signs to help you succeed in addition to their industrial knowledge.


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