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11 Nov 2015


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One of the best inventions in the janitorial industry has been that of the microfibers, for so many reasons.

It makes training easier. People are so visual that if you assign a color per task, it will be completed readily. For example, “blue” to clean all glass or mirrors with glass cleaner, “red” to clean all toilets or urinals, etc. It also makes a great sales tool to train and educate clients.

Cost effective, because the microfiber cloth can be washed and reused, it outlasts a roll of paper towels several times over and when you consider a microfiber is only a little more than the cost of a roll of paper towels, it makes financial sense to use them.

Reduces cross-contamination. As I said earlier, by using one microfiber for each task and then placing in into a “used-cloth bag” for laundering, soil and bacteria from one area of a building will not be transferred to another part of the building. Plus, by training to use specific colors for different areas a cloth being used in the restroom will never be mistaken for a microfiber being used in the kitchen or break room. 

Reduces the amount of cleaning product. One of the largest consumable costs to the facilities department is cleaning-chemicals. Microfiber-cloths allow for shorter cleaning times with the use of less product, which provides an overall savings on the chemical costs and the system allowing for surfaces to actually BE cleaner. I’ve personally seen this happen with the cleaning of desks in several accounts. Using a neutral cleaner and paper towel more time and chemical is used and the end result is that there are still visible body oils. However, when using a microfiber and comparatively less product, there is no sign of hand or finger prints on the surface.

Indoor Air Quality. The old why of using a feather duster and just dispersing the dust from one area to another, or using a microfiber and capturing the dust and dirt, removing it from the surfaces and washing it away makes for an overall cleaner facility. Less dust in the air allows a building to be cleaner longer, and with all of the Sick Building Syndrome as well as more people with allergies, this method helps to keep people healthier in facilities that we all service.

While there are many more reasons, these are some of my favorites. I enjoy helping companies to become more quality focused, in addition to helping educate the contract service or the in-house operation and end users. A little education can go a long way.

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