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The Business Benefits of a Traditional Office

Many successful businesses start with a home office. The startup costs, including overhead, can be lower if you’re working out of your home, but there are factors to consider before jumping into a home office. How productive will working from home actually allow you to be? Will you be distracted by domestic chores that may…

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Investing In Your Company

For those business owners trying to expand their company footprint, it’s important for them to know how, and when, to invest in their companies. Gone are the days of saying, “Hey, I collected US$1,000 this month, so I get $1,000!” Respect yourself and your business. In order to grow, a portion of the proceeds must…

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Quick Tip: Removing Ice Melt and Salt

In order to remove ice melt and rock salt residues, it’s important to suspend the use of salts and the other compounds to ensure the proper removal. Ice melt removers are the most successful products used for this purpose. Chelating agents in these products suspend the salts, allowing floor cleaners (mechanical extractors or mops) to…

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Dealing With Salt During Harsh Winters

Dealing With Salt During Harsh Winters Janitorial companies everywhere have to deal with the elements of harsh weather when attending to their customers.   In the northern United States, rock salt and ice-melt are part of the working environment for at least four to five months of the year. Both are used for ice and…

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Protect With Entryway Mats

entryway mats

Protect With Entryway Mats Considering customers, employees, and shipments create foot traffic for almost every business, it’s no surprise that floor maintenance consumes 80 percent of a crew’s time and budget. But let’s compare that to a more surprising stat: It costs the average business US$1,000 to $1,200 to remove one pound of dirt.  …

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One of the best inventions in the janitorial industry has been that of the microfibers, for so many reasons. It makes training easier. People are so visual that if you assign a color per task, it will be completed readily. For example, “blue” to clean all glass or mirrors with glass cleaner, “red” to clean all toilets…

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Dealing with Price Objections – Medical Industry

When dealing with price objections, particularly in the medical industry, I often ask questions which encourage the prospect to mentally compare price and value. About the waiting room… I realize that “visual” cleaning is very important to you and your clients. Do you realize that cleaning for health is even more important? Would you agree…

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Competition in cleaning industry

I often receive these comments: “How do you compete in an industry that has so many established companies? “How do you compete when it’s littered with people who start a cleaning company due to low barriers of entry?” “How do you differentiate when all customers care about is the bottom line?” Allow me to offer…

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